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General Solutions

In a world filled full of IT specialists, it’s hard to find professionals that have a wide knowledge base about multiple topics. Classically referred to as ‘polymaths’, Generalists are people that can handle a wide variety of tasks, using multiple skills sets and with effective proficiency. In the IT industry, they are considered to be the Macgyvers of the realm. While being more cost effective than specialists, a generalist can see the whole picture, from start to finish.

  • HGWT provides a wide spectrum of services.
  • Our focus is on Information Technology.
  • If you can think it, we can probably do it.
We Make the Technical … Simple
Life is fast paced enough, so let’s take it slow



A Typical Web Project
Brief Development, Research & Analysis
Concept Design & Client Approval
Wireframing, UX & UI Layout Design
Team Makeup
Developers, Technical Staff
Designers, Creative Staff
Business, Finance & Marketing Staff


We Market

If you truly want to stand out, first you have to stand up … (more…)

We Nurture

“Any man can kill, it takes a gentleman to grow, nurture and create something new”. (more…)

We Care

“Compassion grows and inspires” … (more…)

We Build

“It’s not the beauty of the building you should look at, but at the foundation, which will stand the test of time” (more…)

We Design

“Superior style trumps any argument” (more…)

We Manage

“A Generalist is perhaps the best project manager created – they are naturals” (more…)


Ama D.


She takes commands in five foreign languages, including Cherokee and German – Ama is the recognized ‘founder’ of HGWT.  She also only likes wet food.

Shie G.

Artistic Contractor

Scandinavian designer, web programmer and photographer – also a well rounded artist and world traveler.  Shie G. is one of the main contractors for HGWT projects.

John J.


Raised on Lovecraft, CS Lewis and Tolkien, John is both a veteran of the IT industry and the US military.  He specializes in IT solutions for the small business and professionals.


“He’s like a Special Forces level polymath and polyglot, he can rebuild your transmission, bake a cake and then solder a circuit board … while speaking to you in Old Icelandic”

Captain Ed Collins, Project Client

“John is our longest contractor, he’s been with us since the company started 12 years ago.  Very loyal”

Kristen – MyNewsletterBuilder, Web Client

“Johnny has a keen eye for design and making things look sexy”

Robert Anderson – Owner, Paragon Knives, Web Client

JJ is one of the best, he can about do anything you ask him to do …

Richard “Dick” Heller, The Heller Foundation, Web Client

“When Rudyard Kipling composed ‘If’ and Robert Heinlein imagined Long’s ideal man, I’m pretty sure they had a guy like (John) in mind …”

Micah C. – Seattle, WA, Former Partner

“He’s on my Zombie Apocalypse Team”

Shon Ramsey – US Navy Special Warfare, SEAL, Security Client

“The consummate Southern gentleman … “

General Jon Rawl – Rawl Media, Newspaper Editor

“A fine gentleman, I would recommend him for any job”

Jim Owens – Crook & Chase TV, Security Client

“Rarely do you meet someone that knows a little about everything and can do most things competently.  He’s what you get when you cross a viking, poet and a ninja”

Yogi Donegan, Knoxville, TN, Web Client


If you have a project you would like to discuss,
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We consider all kinds of projects, from web development to e-commerce, to security and database work – please let us know.

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